Test Simulation


  • The Scenario-based Clinical Examination will be presented electronically on computers at Scantron testing centers.
  • Our platform serves to mimic the testing environment to make you feel more comfortable on test day!
  • Examinee responses to questions will be typed using a keyboard.
  • Responses should be given in a numbered list format (i.e., each numbered response consists of 1 to approximately 12 words). You must enter a new number for each item in your list.
  • While spelling and grammar are not being graded in the scoring of the exam, answers must be clear and comprehensible.
  • Whiteboards or pencil and paper will be available for note taking during the exam.

  • Examinees will have 4 hours (240 minutes) to complete the question sets for 6 – 10 different scenario cases in the Scantron system.
  • Each scenario case is comprised of 2 – 6 questions.
  • Each question will have case images that will be available in Portable DocumentFormat (PDF). The PDFs are external attachments that will open as a popupwindow that can be manipulated (zoom in, zoom out, click to next page, etc.).
  • Examinees are responsible for managing their own time.
  • A countdown clock will be available on the screen and may be hidden if preferred.

Examinees will not be able to preview exam questions before beginning the exam. If you click to see the next question(s) without answering, you will not be able to return and you will lose points.
Once an exam question has been answered and submitted in the system, the examinee will not be permitted to go back.

Try to relax and read the questions carefully.
Be thorough with answers and do not skip to obvious conclusions.

Content Details

DomainWeighted % of Exam
1. Data Gathering and Diagnosis25%
2. Treatment Objectives and Planning25%
3. Treatment Implementation and25%
4. Critical Analysis and Outcomes25%

The cases and questions presented will represent situations that may be dealt with within residency programs or orthodontic practice. Examinees will be expected to demonstrate an understanding of the tasks performed by an orthodontist and the related decision-making skills that may be assessed in the examination. Some of these may include:

Simulation Details

Our board exam directly simulates the conditions and content of the actual exam. Each board exam encompasses all 4 domains in their respective weighted averages. All of our cases, questions, and answers are curated by a hand selected team of board certified orthodontists that have excelled on the new format. Our goal is that difficult and uncertainty of the exam will be minimized if you master our simulation.

View a video demo of a sample question below: